Wednesday 18th October 2017
Andrew Merchant - Properties in Limousin

Vendors and buyers being misled about energy efficient ratings, how often do you go to a property website and see the following against the DPE En Cours, Vierge, Non-Requis, or how many times has an agent told you not to bother with a DPE because your house does not qualify and is exempt? NOT correct and NOT Legal
Showing the energy rating is a legal requirement for all properties advertised in France for sale or for letting whether by the owner or an estate agent.
The "diagnostic de performance énergique" (DPE) is performed by a qualified surveyor who measures such elements as type of insulation, type of heating used, quality of windows and shutters, the ratio of windows to walls and and other elements which, when combined, enable him/her to calculate the property's energy consumption in KWh/m²/yr and the amount of greenhouse gas emissions it produces measured in Kg/m²/yr. These figures are then plotted on a graph rated from A (good) through to G (not so good)
Failure to adhere to these requirements may result in a hefty fine and even the potential for imprisonment...
The results of the DPE survey are valid for ten years and MUST be supplied to your agent at the time of mandate, or at the time you start advertising your property privately.
Okay back to the above DPE en cours is not a right to advertise your property forever without having the DPE carried out, in theory an agent or yourself does not have the right to advertise a property under this label unless an appointment has been made to have the DPE carried out so its a status that can exist for a maximum of 14 days, otherwise you will be seen as abusing the law and could be liable or the agent liable to penalties.
VIERGE is a DPE test carried out but for various reasons an accurate energy consumption cannot be given this could be the fact the property is a holiday home only used in the summer months, so regular energy bills are not available, a house that has been empty for some time, if the house has heating of any form a valid certificate is required, the only exemption to heating is open fireplaces, wood burning stoves do not exempt you from this certificate.
NON-REQUIS this means no certificate is required at all, meaning, in general, the property has no heating type at all, generally a complete renovation project, or a barn conversion.
The average cost of this diagnostic is around 110€